From elegant to edgy, IMC Photography Services does more than just take a picture, we create art with your memories.

Weddings & Engagements

Capturing every moment of your special day and creating timeless works of art.


Individual & Team Sports Portraits

A season of hard work deserves more than your standard photo. Let IMC create epic images for your players.


Individual & Family Portraits

Family portraits, holiday photos, senior pictures and more. Every image is created with detail and creativity.


Business Product & Headshots

First impressions are critical and a picture says a thoudand words. Driven by client input for quality images.


No venue is too large

IMC photography services has captured images in various locations. From large 200+ weddings to intiment family functions, we've gained the neccessary experience to deliver professional services in any environment.


Natural lighting can create some of the most beautiful images. Knowing how to take advantage of it takes skill IMC photographers have mastered.


Dramatic images call for out of the box thinking. Knowledge of studio lighting allows our photographers to push the limits of imagination.


Being able to shoot on the fly takes experience, but being able to capture magic anywhere is an art. With our mobile equipment and lighting, IMC can shoot virtually anywhere.

Why Choose Us

Communication is the key to success. Every session begins with a face to face consult with the photographer and the client. The goal is to collectivley achieve the best possible outcome for your images. We go over editing styles, posing, creative ideas, and more.
It's true that it takes more than an expensive camera to be a photographer, but a professional will have the best equipment for the job. IMC photographers use only full frame DSLR cameras with professional level lenses.
IMC never limits you from taking control of your images. Every package includes rights to print and digital negatives.